Tuesday, September 23, 2008

extravagante` weeek.

its almost 3am.
and im singing "here i am stuck in the middle with you".
not sure why, maybe it was in a commercial, but "here i am stuck in the middle with you"

so with all the unexpected events that happen to go my wayy last week, i needed this weekend to have fun and spend time with my girls, and by golly, what an eventful close to a horrible week.

thank you darryll and arthur gonzales for throwing an awesome party on friday with awesome folks, good vibes, backyard fun, smoke out sessions, shotguns, shots, and a endless amount of beer.
i reconnected with a bunch of people i haven't seen in years, made some new friends, and had no worries to take care of anyone, twas a night of having a grand ole` time.

saturday, woke up still feeeling hella faded. spent time with my parents, and had lunch at my nanay's where i spent most of the time listening to them rant about the problems that exist in my grandparents house, i couldn't help but wanna cry when my grandma started to cry, boo.
that night, we had a girls only sleepover at anaheim, well duh what else would we talk about,
relationships, sex, drugs, and alcohol. i fell asleep peacefully at 6am.

sunday i slept all day.
i didnt' watch my tfc.
i slept, and slept.
till there was no more sleepin involved.

there you go, my weeekend.
nothing extravagante`
but fuck it, im tired.
i wanna get in depth with you all
but thats going to wait.
i spent too much time on a myspace bulletin.
hahahahahah, i'm lame.

goodweek folks`

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valerie said...

i can't thank you enough for the talk lastnight. - i really needed it, you're such an awesome friend. seriously. after all the tears from last night, i'm treating myself to something that'll make me happy. check my blog. :]

love you.