Thursday, September 4, 2008

changes must be made

vegas for the weeekend, with my other family.
avy and pat's wedding extravaganza in the city of sin.
how awesome is that! finally after 10 years, they tie the knot.
anyways, we leave friday morning.
apparently we have this agenda, to get as fucked up as we can.
oh and to get some sun before we head out to TAO friday night.
then saturday recover, until the wedding in the afternoon.
wedding, then reception, then PURE.
then back to reality of long beach on sunday.
then monday comes, and I AM goin to start a new life.
seriously it takes a look mirror to fucckin realize shit.
i'm done, i'm doing well, but i need to push more.
i need more motivation.
i need more strength.
i need drive.
i need me to focus on me, and not on anyone else.

my happiness should only come first.

and YOU were right.
in order for me to love someone, i must love me and be comfortable with me.

i want to say more, but i'm done.
i gotta clean my closet, drawers, and bed.
i'm tired.
and more schoool.

i need employment, as well.

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valerie said...

hope you had funzo, in vegas! <3 we missed you guys. :(