Saturday, September 13, 2008


i finally got my brain back.

somewhere during the spring and throughout the summer, i happen to have misplaced my brain, but rest assure, its back and i think better than ever.

school's back.
i'm going on my 3rd week, already!
its going by fast
but i'm keeping busy.

vegas was fun for the most part.
just hella hot and as far as gambling, that place put a hole in my pocket.
the wedding was beautiful, i had tears coming down, i couldn't help myself.
im lame when it comes to weddings.
hanging out with the fambam is always a pleasure.
ill be back in a couple weeks, holller!

its funny how people's mindset are when they go to vegas,
they put they're lives on hold, and party for days, and then come sunday
and they get back to reality.
so i guess thats what i did, i said fuck whatever i was going thru in cali,
i'm in vegas for 2 days, let me fucckin live.
i ate like a pig, i drank, smoked my lungs out, and gambled money i could of used for

now monday came, and i was back on track.
tuesday came, and i was on point with shit.
and before long i get a "it was nice knowing you"
i had to laugh. i thought maybe. but lets move on now.
i just think wayy too much it gets me in trouble.
but dont judge the way i am with how i think.
its comes with the package. i'm a slow psych major
but i make sense.

on to other things.
the bay area was callin out to me this weekend.
but with no funds, i had to passs.
but soon SF, sooon.

i also wanna take a trip to Seattle,
we have a new edition to the Esguerra clan.
koah london esguerra born 9/11 @ 11pm 7lbs 11oz.
born to michael and lindsay esguerra.
so i have a reason to go up there too.
and one more edition in the next couple weeks.
babies everywhere!

theres a piece of my life.
its boring.
but i have fans.
so there you have it.

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