Sunday, December 28, 2008

On Sunday..

saturday, saturday, saturday.
it went by so fast, granted that i woke up @ 3pm.
coffee with aileeen, and movie with rachael.
benjamin button, great movie, long movie, but great!
then headed to LA for echo plex, soul jazz funk music.
i<333 break beats.

here's where sunday comes into play..
home 3am.
slept @ 6am.
woke up @ 7am
slept for 30 minutes.
woke up @730am.
total hours of sleep: 1hour30minutes.

i can' go back to sleeep.
i can't go back to sleep.
....i feel like i'm walking on someones thin ice
and i dont like it.
i'll get over it, maybe, maybe not.

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